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First look at Naughty Dog’s upcoming online store (x)



This is - what I imagine - what goes through Aiden’s mind when he falls out of a car and immediately goes for his phone after getting back up.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China
Play as Shao Jun across 16th Century China


everyone’s favorite apocalypse kids amirite














Does this mean she’s going to stop stealing the artwork of female artists and female gamers lets play footage? 

She’s going to tell her handmaidens to stop sending threats to women who don’t buy into her bullshit?

Probably not. 

Ugh, you people! Anita doesn’t send anyone; the people who are giving you shit genuinely think that you’re assholes. Isn’t it comforting that this isn’t a part of another conspiracy? FYI, Let’s Play footage is typically licensed from the companies that release the game, ya? So quit pushing that turd up the mountain.

They think we’re assholes even though Anita has been proven to be a liar and  wrong over and over again?! Fuck off, cunt and stop ignoring the facts.

Also whether companies or not the footage is licensed isn’t the problem. The problem is that she uses it to further her bullshit even though she has no clue what she’s talking about. 

Shut the fuck up therareandferociousswamprabbit

Feminists give gamers too little credit , they can easily spot the difference between critique and propaganda…..

And no one is being fooled but feminists

Oh no! They’ve uncovered our plot to give gamers too little credit! 

I made this diagram to help you think.

Oh my gourd. Gamer gate assholes STILL haven’t figured out that nobody likes them and everyone thinks they’re misogynist pillocks.
Go to your room and think about what you have done.

Who is this “nobody” You mean SJWs and Feminists who are just mad that we called them out on having no clue what they were talking about? Then yeah, you’re right, You guys are nobodies. You wanna claim that we’re the whiny piss babies, yet you people create imaginary issues of misogyny and kiss the ass of a bitch who was proven to be a liar just so you have a reason to play the victim.

Sure. The only people who think you’re misogynists and whiny piss babies are SJWs and feminists. And the issues are totes imaginary, and we’re the ones playing victim. We’re not like, white-knighting for the poor, defenseless gaming industry because in our whiny baby brains the Feminist Gaming Illuminati is coming for our games, but we’re totally playing victim (somehow?)

I’m sorry, but who was the one doesn’t even play games that came and started trying to blame games for misogyny and stated that “video games were a good representation of how we view women in our culture”? That wasn’t gamers, that was Anita, and then every single one of her followers have tried to follow her by pointing things that aren’t true like “All these video game protags are just 30 year old white men” So yeah, creating imaginary issues. Please show me cases of mainstream media saying gamers are nothing but misogynists.

Gosh, I must have missed all that (imaginary self-victimizing bullshit.) But please, keep fighting against your victimisation! 

How many years of studying videogames do you need under your belt before you can be critical, btw? 

But… the games she points out that have 30 year old white guys DO IN FACT HAVE protags that are 30 year old white guys.  And they’re numerous.  The majority of video games that have a protagonist (or, the character that become the POV for the player) are about 30 year old white guys.  Unless you have a game that allows you to create your own character (Dragon Age series, Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2 [which is almost 15 years old now], Dungeon Siege, and any game where you create a character), then the POV is most likely from a white male perspective.  Bioshock was a great game, but you’re still playing from the white guy’s POV.  Assassin’s Creed series has a tremendous number of fans, both men and women, but the characters in each of the full releases is a dude (the first one being Arabic, and the one set during the American Revolution being Metis [European/First Nations mix]).  The only woman was released in a minor release, not touted as a full game.

Top it off with the fact that yes, women in those games are treated as cannon fodder.  To be killed, raped, kidnapped and victimized as a way to give the male protag feelings of duty and honour to save the woman or seek revenge.  Which are tropes pervasive in video games.  Those aren’t made-y up-y issues.  Those are real.  And as I stated before, if you can’t see them, then you’re blind and stupid.

Of the few games that do have female protags, I’ll use two well known.  Samus from Metroid was revolutionary at the time because you played the game, then you found out the POV was a woman’s.  The sequel which came out recently, well the secret was out so let’s sexualize her now.  Tomb Raider was a great series in the old school versions, and from what I’ve understood the new ones are pretty good too.  With the exception of Lara being used as rape bait as once reported.  Even the marketing aspects of games is … creep worthy at best.  Take Hitman’s use of “Sexy Nuns” that are actually trained assassins that end up getting killed in the most graphic way ever.  Yeah, they’re getting killed, but seriously, we’re still getting sexualized ass shots and boob shots while they’re getting killed.  Which means they’re being treated as objects that are great eye candy that can be easily tossed away.

So if you say that these things aren’t issues, then you’re blind and fucking stupid.


Yes the games she POINTS OUT. She purposefully ignores the fact that there are an abundance of female playable protagonist (as well as important non playable characters) and that number grows all the time. Then that goes on to ignore the men who don’t fall into the 30yr old White male category such as Connor Kenway, Delsin Rowe, James Heller, Lee Everett, Nick Ramos, Coach/Louis (depending on who you play as and what game), Wei Shen, Franklin Clinton, William “Billy Candle” Mendoza, Tal’Set *Turok*, (The non-humans or Humanoid) Sly cooper/Ratchet and Clank/Jak and Daxter.

You mention the AC series and out of all its protagonist so far: Connor Kenway, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Altair Ibn-La Ahad, Aveline de Grandpre, Edward Kenway, Adewale (yes DLC counts as it’s used to further story for either a character or a main storyline) only 2 of them can be counted as white. Aveline was most certainly not a minor release. Ubisoft like Sony did not expect the Vita not to catch on, they had so much faith in her and the game they expected it to move consoles. She was announced at E3 the biggest game convention of the year and given a live action commercial trailer that aired regularly on its release. Then she was ported to the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as PC to make her more available to players in an HD re-release. Don’t diminish her role in the series or her game. Shao Jun will also be playable in an upcoming spin-off coming to next gen consoles and PC.

The women in these games are not treated as cannon fodder. I’m assuming you’re talking about the AC series so I’ll start there. Mary Read and James Kidd, to women who were actually real female pirates were cannon fodder? I suggest you read up on both of their characters and their real life counterparts.

 Claudia Auditore is cannon fodder? A woman who Ezio proclaimed knew how to use a knife and became an assassin mentor?

Dobby Carter is cannon fodder? A woman whose show of strength started at age 10 when she disguised herself as a boy and became an errand runner for her father then dropped the guise but not the strength after puberty and became a mediator for business by negotiating contracts? She later joins the assassin ranks after helping Connor assassinate a Templar merchant.

Rebecca Crane is cannon fodder? Coulda fooled me. First and foremost she’s an assassin as well already denoting her strength but on top of that she’s a genius. She was into sports like Skydiving and snowboarding but after an accident she found she enjoyed computers just as much. She not only trained Desmond but was a key in providing technical support throughout the games.

You should check out the wiki, there’s a plethora of interesting women in the AC lore. They’re not simply cannon fodder to be killed or raped or kidnapped. It’s not that we can’t see them it’s that we don’t blind ourselves to the strong available female figures in order to demonize the male figures and give women a victim complex.

Now if you’re talking about women in other games ok then let’s do that. Here is a list of over a 100 and counting (I need to update as I have even more women to add now) both playable and non-playable. These women aren’t simply cannon fodder or throw aways. They aren’t there to be raped or victimized and that’s what we’re against. We’re against the erasing of their value and place in the community by people like Anita and her supporters.

Again it’s not a few games. What the hell are you talking about with Samus? The latest game in the series (as it is considered) is Metroid Fusion for the Gameboy. It is chronologically the latest in the series. Samus is wearing her Power Suit which doesn’t show any of her skin not even her face so I don’t see how it could be sexualized. Are you referring to her appearance in the new Smash Bros. Game? If so it was designed by a female and her outfit is canon. Also there is nothing fucking wrong with it. It does not diminish her accomplishments or worth as a character in the least. Finally they are alternative outfits it’s not like that’s her only option if it makes people so upset.

I agree with you Tomb Raider was a great series originally, I’m gonna have to disagree with you about the new ones but that’s not the topic of this discussion. However much I may hate the new series I can’t simply allow things to be inserted into that aren’t there. The “rape” thing was talked to death when the game debuted and was debunked by many. I never got that far in the game because I hate but if others have please speak up. You’ve linked to the escapist forums not anything official that states with facts that Lara was “rape bait”.

What’s wrong with being sexy? The nuns put up a hell of a fight and were a legitimate problem for Agent 47. You can be sexy and still be a threat (as they proved) or have value. Yet again you’re trying to take away from a character and or characters because of their appearance. That’s misogynistic in itself. They were established individuals not just sexy no name nuns, you can check them out here. Oh and other characters, male characters, haven’t been killed graphically in that series? Suddenly it’s a problem when it happens to women, oh ok. They’re not being treated as objects they were characters that came to assassinate Agent 47 and he fought back and killed them. Jesus Christ you’re reaching.

No we’re not blind and we’re not stupid we’re just over ignorant jackasses barging in with non-logic having ass “breakdowns” and expecting us to get into a huffy with them. Then when we fucking don’t we’re “blind and stupid” sexists who don’t want change. Get the entire fuck out of here because you’re the motherfucker who’s blind and we’re sick of it. Keep playing the same broken record bullshit ya’ll have been doing from the jump and we’ll just keep debunking it.




This must be watched because this is what the gaming press, the gaming industry and gaming ‘socialites’ have done to the people who care about the fans.  This is what they have done to those with ethics.  This is what they’ve done, time and time again, to those who won’t support their corruption and their lies.

Steve Tom Sawyer was/is a game journalist who finally took a stand against the corruption and sided with gamergate.  Those who he was friends with, those he worked with for years before making his own site, turned on him in a heartbeat.  He honestly feels like his career is done because nobody will dare hire him.

Because he has ethics.  He fully admitted to indulging in the culture that spawned this corruption but also said that he would never compromise his opinion or, for example, write a review for a friend.  Or fuck for a good review.  Or take money.

This video, this man, needs to be seen.  And he needs to be applauded for the fucking shit these people put him through.

It’s hard to watch because he’s visibly upset and rattled by the situation but you need to watch it. If you think gamergate is about “keep the womenz at bay” then you need to watch this NOW.